Hi. I am Trey. I started the Fur Bus, by accident, over 18 years ago in Atlanta, GA. I was a Professional Mascot.

My roommates and I bought a little school bus because who wouldn’t buy a little school bus. It was $2000 and yellow as mustard. We decorated the beast with the faux fur, lighting and pure love. The Fur Bus was born, and we didn’t even realize it.

18 years later, we have built 16 Fur Buses.

The difference between us and everyone else in the transportation business is we never started the Fur Bus to make money. It started itself. We threw parties. We wore costumes. We loved having fun. Then along came a little school bus.

Our mission is to create unforgettable experiences.  Not fun experiences. Not good experiences.

Unforgettable experiences. That’s it.

You will not forget our buses.

Our family of drivers and owners are honored you would bring us into your life and reward us with the opportunity to serve you. We do not take that lightly.  

Let’s have some fun. Let’s ride.

Trey Humphreys

The Fur Bus

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