40th Birthday on The Fur Bus is Magical

Forty is a magic number.

We do more 40th birthdays on the Fur Bus than any other age. Why? Because 40 is a magic number. The Fur Bus is a magical party bus.

  • Jesus spent 40 days and nights out in the desert. He was magical.

  • Jewish people wandered the desert for 40 years. They are magical.

  • Buddha sat under a tree for 40 days. He was fat.

  • The great flood lasted 40 days. Intro Fur Boat!

  • I went to jail in Mexico on my 33rd birthday. Sorry, I digress.

So, why do folks have their 40th birthday on the Fur Bus? Because they are still alive! Because they can still have a good time! Because you are not old at 40!

When you stop dancing life is over. Never stop dancing.

Grab some friends, pick a fun theme and let us handle your 40th Birthday. I swear to the great flood it will be the most magical birthday of your life. 

Don’t believe me? Email or call Allyson and find out what others have done for their 40th Fur Bus Birthdays. There are some amazing stories.


 Ps. Wear costumes…it is more fun!


Trey Humphreys