How to Throw a Party

Do you like to party? Yes, you do. We all do.

Here at the world famous Fur Bus we have been partying for a long time. A very long time. The founders of the Fur Bus included two mascots and three DJ’s. We love to party.

Billions of people call us asking for help planning a party. Rightfully so!

So, how do you plan a great party?

1. Rent the Fur Bus

You don’t want to have a party at your house because people never leave and you have to clean up the next day. Instead, hop on a Fur Bus where we handle everything and you can end the party anytime you want!

2. Create a theme

Even if it is your birthday or a company outing, create a fun theme. People are much more interested in a fun theme or idea. They also have more fun! Ideas include costumes, activities, or a mission.

Wig night - everyone has to wear a wig

Heard of cattle - everyone must wear a cow costume

Scavenger hunt on The Fur Bus - hit multiple bars and restaurants to get points

Fake bachelorette party - draw straws to see who will be the bachelorette and do it up CHEEZY!

Bar Golf - each bar you stop by is a hole on your bar golf course. Keep score cards for things like a drink, talking to a stranger, dancing by yourself, etc.

Concerts & Sporting Events - everyone dress in white or in tuxedos or full blown disco and head to a fun concert. Hell, get your entire group to dress in Braves uniforms and go to a hawks game. Get creative!

3. Create an invite on paperless post and send to your friends! Have them Venmo or PayPal you $ to offset expenses and do the damn thing!

The Fur Bus

If you want more ideas, email me and I will help! I love getting creative…